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Tanzania, located on the east of Africa is a wonderful halal friendly destination for safari experiences and stunning beaches on the island of Zanzibar. With flights arriving into the capital Dar-Es-Salaam, the gateway to the north at Kilimanjaro and the white sandy coastline of Zanzibar, getting to Tanzania has never been easier. A popular destination for more adventurous Muslim honeymooners, we recommend some of the spectacular Game Reserves for an unforgettable safari experience. If you can picture yourself on the island of Zanzibar, then browse our collection of halal friendly resorts here on Rihaala. Climb Kilimanjaro or relax at the Selous Riverside Camp with spectacular game viewing. 

Zanzibar's Indian Ocean offers world-class watersports including scuba diving, snorkelling, deep sea fishing and kayaking as well as sailing on traditional local dhows. The culture of Zanzibar combines African and Omani heritage which has combined to create a beautiful blend for the senses. From the traditional restaurants in Stone Town, to the spices that can be found on the island, Zanzibar has plenty to explore. The Zanzi Resort is our favoured address with beautiful villas with gorgeous ocean views and some with a private access to a small beach as well. Straightforward to reach from various hubs, Tanzania is the ideal destination for an unforgettable safari and tropical beach escape.


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  • Time Difference: GMT +4 hours
  • Capital: Dar es Salaaam
  • Currency: Tanzanian Shilling
  • Flying Time from the UK: 9 hours direct
  • Visa: Required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: The warm friendly locals

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The island of Zanzibar is located a 20-minute flight from Dar-Es-Salam or you can fly directly to Zanzibar with Oman Air, Qatar Airways or Fly Dubai from the Middle East. Zanzibar’s coastline offers some of the best beaches in the world, but sand and surf vary depending on what side of the island you’re on. On the east coast, waves break over coral reefs and sand bars offshore, and low tide reveals small pools of starfish, small minnows, and anemones. Up north, ocean swimming is much less susceptible to the tides, and smooth beaches and white sand make for dazzling days in the sun.



The port city of Stone Town dominates the west coast, and although the beaches of Mangapwani, where slave caves are visible at low tide and nearby Bububu are less than half an hour’s drive away, a night or two spent on the east or north cost is well worth the extra hour it takes to drive there. That said, the Chole Island Marine Park just off Stone Town – and nearby, Grave, and Snake Islands – make a refreshing day-trip and a good break from exploring the winding passageways of the old city.

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Muslim Friendly Amenities

Tanzania has a combination of religions, however the two mains ones are Islam and Christianity. Halal food can be found outside of the resorts, so if you decide to wander into Stone Town, be sure to try the Ma Shaa Allah Cafe on Mkunazini Street for a traditional East African biryani. In Dar-Es-Salam and Zanzibar, you can try local delicacies like Kitambua (a type of donut made with milk) and Barazi (Gungo Beans In Coconut Milk) whilst watching the locals go about their daily lives.

Not all hotels in Tanzania offer halal dining, however all the resorts you’ll find on Rihaala provide halal options. Spa services at our featured hotels also provide male and female spa facilities as well as private pools available at the Zanzi Resort, Whitesand Villas and Baraza Resort.
The main hustle of Zanzibar is Stone Town, a quaint town with mosques dotting the small streets. The main resorts are located outside of Stone Town on the north, east and west coast. The beaches are renowned for their white sand and blue waters and whilst there are no private beaches in Zanzibar, you’ll find they are very quiet.

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