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Alcohol-free hotels have just got that much easier to find! Here at Rihaala, we’re here to help provide you with breathtaking holiday getaways, hotels and resorts that meet your halal needs. While many hotels around the world offer halal dining and various other Muslim friendly needs, not many hotels are actually alcohol-free. Below we’ve carefully selected a handful of hotels which meet this need. Alcohol-free hotels mean you won’t find any alcohol within the premises of your chosen holiday destination. Whether it be in your room, the hotel lobby, or even the hotel restaurants and dining facilities, alcohol-free means 100% alcohol-free. 

Perfect for Muslim travellers embarking on a family getaway or romantic break for two, enjoy relaxing in comfortable accommodation, making the most of the halal friendly facilities while not having to worry about alcohol being used in your dishes or even served near you. These special holiday picks aim to provide an adventurous stay as you explore, discover, and make the most of your time away. Get ready to enjoy the holiday you deserve by checking out our featured hotels below, choosing your favourite destination, and selecting the hotel or resort that ticks off all your boxes on your dream holiday list. 

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