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Turkey is home to 16 UNESCO World Heritage sites! No wonder it is a dream come true for a Muslim traveller with its mouth-watering kebabs, intriguing architectural sites, and lyrical landscapes. Geographically serving as the bridge between Europe and Asia, it serves as a cusp of east and west. 

In 2015, Turkey was the 6th most-visited country in the world owing to its several facets which make it unique. It is a country full of contrasts – towering mountains and fertile plains, exciting bathing houses and soothing beaches, rapidly growing cities and dull villages. The ever-changing political, economic, and cultural scenarios make it quite dynamic.
From history buffs to foodies, from young teenagers to old couples, from beach lovers to adventurists - the place is a wonderland for everyone. It allows you to explore the legacy left by some of the most powerful civilizations of the past. The Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, and Roman aqueducts continue to attract visitors from across the globe.
The people are very friendly and proud of their rich culture. The unmatched hospitality, delicious food, exquisite architecture, interesting history, and picturesque natural views will give you an ecstatic halal travel to Turkey. You can’t get a full experience of the country within a few days so make sure to book an itinerary of at least two weeks during Muslim holidays.

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  •  Time Difference: GMT +2 hours
  • Capital: Ankara
  • Currency: Turkish Lira
  • Flying Time from the UK: 4 hours direct
  • Visa: Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) required
  • Our Highlight: Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia

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Istanbul - This fantastic culmination of the East and West has more attractions than the minarets in the city. It is a place enriched in history and culture, making it a traveller’s paradise! No other city in the world straddles in two continents and boasts being the capital of two most powerful empires. If you want to indulge in a divine food experience, there is no better place than Istanbul. The fantastic teas and the mouth-watering desserts will give you tastes to remember for a lifetime.

Mediterranean Coast - From Resort of Alanya in the Antalya region to the Marmaris Peninsula stretches the Mediterranean coastline, which is 1600 km long and commonly referred to as the Turquoise Coast. It is one of the top vacation spots in Turkey and a favourite of Russians, Brits, and Scandinavians. Offering dramatic views, quaint ruins, and luxurious hotels, you will never be short of entertainment and extravagance during your halal holidays.
Cappadocia - It is most famous for the unique geological features called the fairy chimneys, which were created over time with the erosion of the soft volcanic ash. Humans took a cue from mother nature and started carving incredible chambers into the soft rock. These tunnel complexes formed entire towns, and there are as many as 8 stories hidden underground. The Gulludere (Rose) Valley and Goreme Open-Air Museum are the top experiences in Cappadocia.

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5 Reasons Turkey is the Ultimate Spot for the Muslims

Government Efforts - The government is making special efforts to promote halal-friendly travel, and this has bagged the country the third spot in the list of best places for halal tourism. The local resorts are managed with halal tourism certificates to ensure that the facilities are in accordance with the Islamic values.

Rich History - The country boasts the finest architectural sights and has a lot to offer when it comes to ancient history. Home to some of the most remarkable Christian and Muslim sights, a history freak will find all his dreams coming true in Turkey.
Delicious Food - Be it from the fine dining restaurants or the street stalls, Turkish cuisine is to die for! Some of the food items like Baklava, Menemen, and Kebabs are famous around the world. Enjoying the authentic tastes in Turkey is nothing less than an absolute delight.
Segregated Pools - Most of the resorts have segregated pools, which give Muslim women the liberty to enjoy their stay. They can easily swim and hang around in a burkini without the fear of their modesty being compromised.
Mosques - Turkey consists of a huge Muslim population so finding the mosques isn’t an issue at all. In fact, you must visit the world-famous blue mosque while in Istanbul. It has the finest architecture and is a treat to the eyes.

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Best for Halal Dining

Bera Alanya - Loaded with rich menu options, the restaurant at Bera Alanya will give the most tantalizing experience to your taste buds. The best part is that you’ll be able to enjoy the delightful Turkish cuisine along with some fantastic views of the Turquoise Coast.

Adenya Resort - The resort affirms that all its restaurants take their ingredients from companies which process them under the most hygienic conditions and following Islamic values. What could be better than enjoying halal-friendly travel without any trouble?

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Best for Muslim Families

Wome Deluxe - While visiting with a family, all you want is a comfortable environment and entertainment facilities to keep the little ones busy. This place will turn out a fine choice given the amenities available at a very reasonable cost.
Adin Resort - Boasting a brilliantly decorated interior, the hotel is not only pleasant to the eyes but offers the top facilities as well. They have a spa, gym, separate pools for men and women, and a kid’s club, so all the family members are going to enjoy a comfortable stay.


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Best for Muslim Honeymooners

Kempinski Istanbul - If you are on your halal honeymoon, you want nothing to go wrong. While there is no guarantee of what awaits you in an alien city, you can make the wise decision of choosing reliable accommodation to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Kempinski Istanbul is going to be your best choice while travelling as the rooms are clean and the hotel provides all the facilities.

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Best for Private Pools

Angel’s Marmaris - For a Muslim family or couple, privacy is an essential requirement given their traditions and customs. Angel’s Marmaris Resort ensures that you get to enjoy all the experiences of travelling without compromising on your space. The private pools, located in solitude, are very clean with a great atmosphere.


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