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The Korean peninsula, roughly 1,030 km long and 175 km wide at its narrowest point, is located in Northeast Asia. With Seoul as its capital city, Korea's total land area is 100,033 ㎢. Korea's neighbours include Japan to the east, China to the west, and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea) across the northern border.
Seoul is the capital of Korea and is the heart of Korea’s culture and education as well as politics and economy. Seoul is home to many historic sites and places of traditional culture. The shopping and entertainment districts also draw a large number of tourists every year. The Hangang River, which runs through the centre of the city, is a distinctive landscape of Seoul that offers a myriad of resting areas for citizens.
Jeju Special Self-Governing Province is a premier tourist destination, boasting mild weather and scenic beauties of beaches, waterfalls, cliffs and caves. Some of the top tourist sites include a national park with diverse flora and fauna, breathtaking views, and the world’s longest lava tube, registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage.
Visit the markets of Gwangjang, featured on Netflix and Namdeumun in Seoul before marvelling at the palaces of Gyeongbokgung and Changdeokgung. Walk around the Zara Hadid designed Dongdaeumun Design Plaza and walk along the peaceful Cheonggyecheon Stream which cuts through the city. Visit the main Mosque in Itaewon and eat local cuisine at one of the nearby Halal restaurants. 

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  • Time Difference: GMT +9 hours
  • Capital: Seoul
  • Currency: Korean Won
  • Flying Time from the UK: 13 hours direct
  • Visa: Not required for UK citizens
  • Our Highlight: Visiting Nami Island

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Busan is Korea’s largest port city, filled with endless excitement and pleasant surprises. Every year, tens of thousands of visitors from all over the country and around the world flock to the cities many beaches to relax or to attend festivals. The city annually hosts Busan International Film Festival (BIFF), and regularly holds events at the world’s largest department store. The uniquely landlocked Chungcheongbuk-do boasts remarkable natural landscapes, including mountains, lakes and caves. Visitors can relax at a water park that uses mineral water drawn up from rock beds 750 meters below the ground or visit the UNESCO Memory of the World Registered Jikji, the world’s oldest extant movable metal print book.


Gyeongsangbuk-do has long been the religious home of Korea. The city of Gyeongju, the old capital of the Silla Kingdom (57 BC-935 AD), is especially well known for Buddhist cultural heritage sites, as well as UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. National and provincial parks, as well as coastal walking trails, offer scenic views of nature. Gyeonggi-do is home to a large variety of tourist destinations, including cultural heritage sites, theme parks, the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ), and nature conservation sites. Also, thanks to its position surrounding Seoul and Incheon, Gyeonggi-do offers easy access to some of the most remarkable features in the nation’s capital city as well as in the leading international gateway city.

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Muslim Friendly Amenities

The Korea Tourism Organization categorized Muslim-friendly restaurants so that Muslim tourists can conveniently dine in Korea. Only restaurants that meet strict requirements have been selected and categorized into 4 groups. These are Halal Certified, Self Certified, Muslim Friendly and Pork Free. 

Halal Restaurant Week was an annual event that promotes Muslim-friendly restaurants to tourists from all over the world. Hosted by KTO, this unique event was a great opportunity to experience Korean halal food as well as cuisines from various countries such as Turkey, China, and Italy. To make Korea a Muslim-friendly destination, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) encourages local governments and tourist attractions to prepare a space for prayer. Prayer mats and Qibla compasses have been distributed by KTO to hotels with multi-faith/prayer rooms.

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